Poolside Pros: Custom Swimming Pool Designs

Poolside Pros:  Custom Swimming Pool Designs
A pool with two pools in the back yard.

It's a timeless tradition, an heirloom of sorts. A swimming pool or spa by Poolside Pros is a destination for life.

The history behind Poolside Pros began with a personal need to create a backyard paradise that would embellish conversation, fun, and relaxation. Gary Peterson and Anthony Arco co-founded Poolside Pros in the early 1980s and have since grown it into an award-winning industry leader. Poolside Pros is now recognized by swimming pool builders throughout the country for their quality, integrity, and commitment to perfection. Since the beginning, Gary and Anthony have worked with thousands of customers to create their very own backyard paradise and would love the opportunity to create the same for you!

If you can dream it, they can build it! Just describe your dreamscape and allow them to paint a backyard portrait that will make your property the talk of the town. With over 42 years of experience and well over 1,800 in-ground swimming pools built to date, they are fully equipped to create your own private backyard oasis. Don't wait, this year, bring the vacation home, enrich your family time, and create memories to last a lifetime with Poolside Pros. Welcome to 42 years of fun!

A pool with blue tile and a fence in the background.


Water sports enthusiasts call the oval-shaped swimming pool home during the warm months of summer. This is a traditional, functional shape that allows room for daily laps, volleyball, basketball, and relaxation.

A pool with blue water and chairs in the background.


If clean lines and edges are appealing to you, consider the timeless look of a rectangular-shaped pool. This shape allows more usable area and is the first choice for anyone interested in an automatic safety pool cover. The rectangular pool is available with a sport bottom as well as a deep end to appeal to divers. Skip the trip to the lake, stay home, and immerse yourself in a refreshing rectangular pool.

A pool with stairs and a fence around it


Allow this elegant swimming pool shape to be a conversation starter. Created with style and character, a Grecian pool shape derives pure class from its Greek heritage. Bring a piece of architecture to your backyard with an image of complete sophistication. The Grecian swimming pool shape is as beautiful as it is practical.

A swimming pool with two white chairs and a brick floor.


Want to feel like a god or goddess as you rule your Roman Empire? This Roman-shaped swimming pool will make you feel as if you're doing just that. This prominent pool shape is in a class all on its own, with rounded curves and corners. The beauty and style of a Roman-shaped pool require very little landscaping to show it off. So why not escape everyday stress and unwind in your own backyard with a Roman-style pool from Poolside Pros?

A pool with an enclosure and slide in it


Without any right angles, the Tradewinds swimming pool shape was created in-house by our own company engineers. The continuous ebb and flow of this shape were designed with nature in mind. The idea was to incorporate a backyard landscape with a natural look found in nature. This unique pool shape is nothing short of breathtaking and will certainly enhance even the most extravagant backyard landscapes. Be the envy of the neighborhood with a Tradewinds pool design.

A large pool with a fountain and a house in the background.


Offset by the beauty of your backyard, the Mountain Lake-shaped pool is absent of any harsh lines, making it soft on the eyes. This pool shape, much like the Tradewinds above, also lacks right angles. The Mountain Lake is a free-flowing design that allows for easy customization to coordinate with your existing landscape. This modern swimming pool shape mimics the feel of being on vacation, swimming in your own private lake.

A pool with a fence and stairs in the middle of it


Another traditional swimming pool shape would be the Kidney. Justly named, the Kidney design appeals to both deep-end divers and shallow-end idlers. Since the Kidney shape offers equal space in both the deep and shallow ends, you'll find your guests gathering inside the pool instead of out.

A pool with many chairs and a deck


The picture is worth 1000 words. The Lazy L shape is a convenient pool design for those caught between the sports bottom (non-diving) or diving (deep-end) option. If you're looking for a large amount of shallow-end space without sacrificing deep-end benefits, the Lazy L may be the swimming pool shape for you. Adaptable to almost any situation, the Lazy L visually draws you in with large steps often in place for lounging with family and friends.

A swimming pool with a bench and chairs in it


The True L is a simple yet elegant design that will enhance any backyard. Handcrafted construction allows for a large amount of space for all members of the family. The True L shape is similar to having two individual pools in one! Whether you want to dive, swim laps, play volleyball, or simply relax on a raft, the True L is large enough to accommodate everyone.

A pool with chairs and tables in the middle of it


With its natural flowing lines, the Lagoon pool shape creates a beautiful resort in your very own backyard! Only mother nature will know this creation was not of her doing. Endless landscaping possibilities can enhance this natural lagoon design in-order to duplicate the real thing. Water features, stone coping, and custom in-pool steps are a common addition to this choice.