Professional Water Testing At Poolside Pros

Professional Water Testing At Poolside Pros

Free Water Testing

Most pool and spa owners falsely assume that clear water means the water is SAFE (free of bacteria, swimmer residue, and algae). This is not the case. Pool and spa owners need to maintain a proper amount of sanitizer and keep the PH and Total Alkalinity balanced throughout the swimming/bathing season. Having an accurate but simple way to test at home on a weekly basis is a must. However, it is recommended to bring a water sample into Poolside Pros for free computerized water analysis. With the use of BioGuard's state-of-the-art water testing system along with our expert staff, you will receive an individualized printout specifically diagnosed for your water. This allows us to offer you solutions before problems arise. BioGuard's software program ALEX will also track and record your water tests and provide future recommendations based on your history. It's quick, easy, and smart.


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